Your Ruger Old Army cylinder from Classicballistx is ideal for cowboy action , SASS, sihouette,
and CAS shooting. With match target accuracy  and high ballistic performance and magnum  
velocity potential, it is great for black powder ( blackpowder ) muzzle loading  ( muzzleloading )
hunting or even just casual plinking. If you are a gunsmith or just building that custom
frontiersman or cowboy conversion, this is the cylinder for you. Use PayPal, Gunbroker, or
Gunsamerica and by your Ruger Old Army Cylinder now!  
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We have satin stainless and blued cylinders in stock for immediate delivery. Just click below.

We offer a DISCOUNT to members of the High Road's
Ruger Old Army Club and to S.A.S.S. members.
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If you are a club, dealer, or re-seller and want to buy from us in quantity, please email us for pricing.
  • All pricing and shipping is $USD.
  • You may place as many separate orders as you please.
  • Shipping (insured USPS Priority) is $25 per order, up to four cylinders per order.
  • Orders by PayPal may be placed directly, or by request for electronic invoice.
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Orders will be filled from current inventory on a first come, first served basis.
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Due to difficulties arising from present circumstances, we only
have fluted stainless cylinders in stock. They are beautiful and
unique, but pricey. Whether satin or polished to a gloss finish,
the will make your ROA into a unique and handsome statement.
The fluted cylinders are the same internally as our standard
cylinder, equally as strong, equally as precise, and bored to the
same specification as our standard cylinder.

Special Notice
We can no longer supply cylinders for export outside the U.S.
If you are outside the U.S. and wish to buy a cylinder, we suggest you contact an gun dealer within your country and in
quire as to his arrangements with authorized, licensed U.S. firearms exporters. We are not so authorized, but we may tra
nsact with such an authorized licensee which can then export to your country's correspondingly authorized importer.