Could your Ruger Old Army use an extra cylinder? What if that extra cylinder could deliver match target accuracy, high ballistic
performance for hunting or silhouette shooting? What if you could do all of these with cast conical bullets, lead ball, custom
wadcutters or jacketed 45 bullets? Welcome to the right place! Our cylinders are a guaranteed fit for your Ruger Old Army - just buy
one, put it in, and go shooting! The right choice for frontiersman, cowboy action shooting ( CAS ), SASS events, precision muzzle
loading ( muzzleloading ) and black powder ( blackpowder ) competition at bullseye target or silhouette. And the magnum velocity
and high ballistic performance of your Ruger Old Army using our cylinder makes your revolver a perfect hunting sidearm.
Cylinders for your
Ruger Old Army
Back and front, the Classicballistx
ROA BP stainless standard cylinder.
It fits your ROA, uses your ROA nipples,
& shoots ROA  bullets. Good enough?
Our cylinders are made from certified forged 416 stainless and
PHT 4130 chrome-moly steels. Our originals came from a bar
used to make landing gear struts for F-18's.  Our cylinders are
deep bored for greater capacity. We know what makes an ROA
accurate - six perfect .453 bores in perfect alignment. We make
the pin boss, particularly robust. The list goes on - little stuff,
important stuff. We do all this on the best CNC machining centers
in existence. The result is a better cylinder, better shooting, and
more of what you want from your ROA.

You can have yours in blue, satin stainless, or gloss finish*,
matching your Ruger Old Army, exactly. You can even have your
cylinder beveled and chamfered* if you want.
There's not a lot more to say. Buy one of our cylinders
from us or one of our registered dealers and
Old Army.
Got a question?  Contact us.
We've got a question for you -
Isn't it time for you to
*  beveling, chamfering,  and gloss stainless finish are extra cost custom
  options and not subject to refund or exchange
to buy one